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Welcome to Targeted Tax Relief

Don’t stress about dealing with the IRS. That’s our job.

Whether you’ve received an unexpected letter about tax debt, need help filing back taxes and have no idea where to start, or feel like you’re in a hole that’s too deep to climb out of (we promise: it isn’t)—we’re here to turn the completely overwhelming into the totally manageable. We have a nuanced understanding of tax law (backed by nearly a decade of experience) and an expert track record of arriving at the ideal resolution for each of our clients’ distinct situations.

If you’re seeking an ethical, effective solution to your tax issues, breathe a sigh of relief—we’re here to help.


It’s never too late for a fresh financial start.

Tax Resolution Services Designed to Help You Get Back on Solid Ground

Dealing with the IRS on your own is overwhelming and ineffective. We’re here to labor over the little details that can make a meaningful difference in your case, seek out smart solutions, and land on a resolution that leaves you feeling like a major weight has been lifted. Regardless of how much tax debt you’re in—or how scary those IRS letters may sound—no situation is too far gone for our experts to get you back on track to a worry-free financial future and get you some tax relief.

Meet Tracy Janssen: Enrolled Agent, National Tax Practice Institute™ Fellow, Degreed Accountant

Here to alleviate your tax-debt stress and seek out the best possible solution to your IRS issues—so you can get back to feeling calm and confident.

A born problem-solver with an array of experience advocating for taxpayers, Tracy is an absolute expert at resolving even the most complex tax issues with incredible care. As an Enrolled Agent and NTPI fellow (NTPI is an organization that provides industry-leading training specific to helping people with their tax problems)—she’s in a unique position to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and advocate for a solution that best serves you.



We provide hassle-free, highly effective tax resolution help for individuals
and small business owners seeking relief from their IRS worries and woes.

Asset Seizure Protection

Is the IRS going to confiscate your home, your car, and even your retirement accounts?

IRS Levy Protection

When you wake up to find your money and assets gone… we’ll help you get it back.

IRS Lien Safeguards

Secure your credit and keep more of your money by letting us handle your IRS lien problems for you!

Wage Garnishment Protection

What can you do when the IRS is reaching into your paycheck?

Bankruptcy Options

Bankruptcy can be the beginning of your financial restoration!

Innocent Spouse Relief

You are NOT responsible for the misdeeds of your spouse... if you know what steps to take.

Offers in Compromise

An offer in compromise could be just the solution you need. Find out today.

Payroll Tax Protection

Making mistakes on your payroll taxes is guaranteed to turn Uncle Sam's eyes in your direction!

Unfiled Return Completion

The IRS would love to take care of your unfiled tax returns for you...
Does this sound like a good plan?

Your IRS File

We'll cut through the red tape to get your IRS file.

IRS Representation

Don’t go it alone! We’re your ally and representative in an IRS audit.

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Peace of mind is absolutely possible.

There’s nothing we love more than alleviating the anxiety that comes along with receiving an IRS audit letter or being buried in tax debt. Let’s connect today—and get you well on your way to tax relief and a more empowered tomorrow.


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Customer Stories

JTM "Client since 2011

I went through a very difficult time with the loss of my wife, I was emotionally and financially drained. This led me to become delinquent on several years of tax filings and basically gave up, that is until I met Tracy, she took the lead and worked with me to file eight years in back taxes, and settled a 140K debt to 24K and I got my life back on track" I cannot thank Tracy and her team enough for where I am at today in my life.


I went to Tracy when I had real trouble with the IRS. I had over $115,000 in tax debt with a personal lien and threats of wage garnishment.

Tracy worked with me and she was able to fill out the proper forms and redo my previous taxes, correcting numerous mistakes to bring the debt down to a manageable amount. She set up a payment plan, the lien was released and I was able to breathe again.

Now I have no IRS debt and the IRS has not audited me since Tracy started helping me.

Tracy Jansen helped me tremendously and I will always be grateful to her.

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